Introducing the 21 pin SubConn® connector series

SubConn connector

A new addition to a leading underwater connector range

MacArtney has recently launched the micro 21 pin connector, which marks the latest addition to the series of wet mateable connectors in the SubConn® range. This latest addition has been designed for underwater technology projects requiring multiple sensor, signal and data connections - along with power connections. In particular, the 21 pin SubConn® connector is ideal for applications that require a large number of connections within a limited space.

This new SubConn® connector - with 21 pins for data and signal - is based on the existing B size connector range, offering the assured quality and reliability already proven through decades of offshore use. Moreover, using the same dimensions as the standard B size connector, the 21 pin connector is compatible with the same range of locking sleeves, nuts and other accessories.

Connecting to compact underwater equipment

Featuring 21 pins, the new connector has the largest pin count in the SubConn® B size range - and is specially designed to suit the industry need for a more compact multi pin connector. In terms of application, SubConn® B size connectors are for instance utilised for incessantly more compact underwater equipment solutions such as sensor packages and ROVs.

The 21 pin series is available as a circular connector, in a bulkhead version with 5/8” thread and in an over mould version that can be moulded onto various cable types. The 21 signal pins are micro pin size and the range is rated to full ocean depth.


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