Hard Anodised Aluminium SubConn® connector now a stock item

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In response to the continued success of MacArtney’s recent addition to the range of SubConn® connectors, the Hard Anodised SubConn® Connector is now held as a stock item.

Specially treated to resist cathodic de-bonding, the hard anodised aluminium is stronger than other non-conductive materials and can have a longer life.

Available off the shelf

Since its introduction as a special order connector, the Hard Anodised SubConn® connector has been a success with offshore, military and ocean science customers. In response to their continued popularity, the MacArtney Underwater Technology Group that supplies the connectors have now extended the range to include versions of almost every type of SubConn® in the standard range that includes standard, in-line and micro connectors.

“Having the Hard Anodised Aluminium SubConn® connector range as stock items will reduce delivery times and provide better service for our connector customers,” said Kurt Lund, Sales Manager for Connectors and Cables for MacArtney A/S.

“Introducing hard anodised aluminium versions of almost the entire range will also provide greater choice and allow them to choose exactly the right connector for their needs.”

Stronger than other non-conductive materials

The black hard anodised aluminium SubConn® connector is a non-conductive material. The hard anodising process on connectors helps to prevent cathodic de-bonding, which can occur in certain environments where the potential of the connector is different to other equipment around it, for example an aluminium pressure bottle.

The hard anodised aluminium is stronger than other non-conductive materials, including PEEK, and can have a longer lifetime.


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