GreenLink connectivity solution for Sabella tidal turbine array

connector GreenLink inline termination marine renewable energy cable

MacArtney is delighted to announce that French marine renewable energy pioneer Sabella S.A.S. has placed an order for a complete MacArtney connectivity solution for its new industrial scale ‘Sabella D10’ tidal stream turbine project.

The Sabella D10 tidal stream turbine is interfaced by MacArtney connectivity

Sabella tidal energy solutions

Over the past decade, Sabella has developed an original concept for a screen of tidal turbines positioned on the seafloor. By means of efficient simplicity and robust quality - acting as a guarantee of reliability and low maintenance requirements in hostile environments - the Sabella subsea turbine concept aims to differentiate itself from other technologies emerging around the world.

Pre-orientated in the direction of natural tidal currents and empowered by symmetrical rotor blades, the turbines effectively capture the energy generated by the shift between ebb and flow. The rotor is activated even by modest current motion and powers a generator, which exports the electricity produced to the land based grid via a submarine cable anchored and embedded at its landfall.

After successfully installing and testing the ‘Sabella D03’ demonstrator turbine unit, Sabella has now successfully secured the funds to install and test its full scale ‘Sabella D10’ 0.5 MW rated power and 1 MW maximal output power turbine in the Fromveur Strait near South Ushant (Brittany, France). Future Sabella tidal farm sites could feature units with a capacity up to 2 MW.

MacArtney brings back the power

For successfully transmitting the harnessed tidal power to the onshore grid, the ‘Sabella D10’ relies on a total custom MacArtney subsea connectivity solution. Based on a GreenLink Inline Termination for connecting the turbine to the grid via the dynamic subsea export cable, the solution also comprises a couple of hang-off stress terminations, a custom made flange including various medium and low voltage connectors (Gisma) for the turbine nacelle, a junction box jumper cable and various test cables.


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