Four pin addition to the world's only range of third party certified API connectors

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To further support the ascending demand for API connectors - the MacArtney Underwater Technology Group is now ready with a 4-pin addition to the Mac API Power and Signal Connector range.

The 4-pin connector features a compact, however, rugged design that is ideal for securing critical connectivity and optimal design for underwater equipment solutions. The new connector is especially applicable for riser monitoring, drilling control and BOP (blow out preventer) systems.

Designed and tested for excellence under harsh maritime conditions

From draft to delivery, the Mac API 4-pin connector is designed to comply with American Petroleum Institute (API)standards 16D and 17E - for use in critical and strictly regulated environments.

Within an API context, the PBOF (pressure balanced oil filled) cable is as important as the connector. Every element of the cable is tested to ensure its integrity so that it can function even if water ingresses the hose. A boot fitted behind the connector ensures that any water entering the hose cannot penetrate it so that the connector will continue to work for its intended lifespan - even if fully flooded. Double test ports on the API connector itself allow pressure testing of both sections.

The connector is tested to full ocean depth and has an operational depth rating of 4000 metres. In addition, the connector has an operational voltage of 600 V and can take 10 A per pin. The Mac API 4-pin connector will work at temperatures ranging from -15 to +60 degrees Celsius.

Mac API: The only range of third party approved API connectors in the world

Besides complying with the strict API standards for use in challenging environments, the Mac API 4-pin connector, like the larger 12 and 24-pin options of the same series, is certified to accommodate DNV standards of quality and performance.

MacArtney is currently the only supplier of third party certified API connectors in the world.



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