First sale of the TRIAXUS ROTV into the Chinese Ocean Science market is a MacArtney milestone

MERMAC TRIAXUS ocean science ctd data acquisition design installation and commissioning instrumentation mulitiplexer rotv slip ring system integration umbilical winch

In September, MacArtney Singapore delivered a TRIAXUS ROTV with customised sensor payload to the Chinese Academy of Science for oceanographic research projects in the South China Sea.

The Chinese Academy of Science, via MacArtney agent Geo Marine Technology Ltd, has purchased the first TRIAXUS ROTV to be utilised aboard CAS research vessels in the South China Sea. This milestone sale means that the MacArtney TRIAXUS ROTV is the first of its kind to enter the Chinese Ocean Science market and forecasts a future need for ROTV facilitated research in this region.

Marine Observation Technology is a developing market as research organisations seek out cutting-edge technology to facilitate their research. In this case, the areas of the Marine Observation Technology focus are triple-fold as the TRIAXUS will be facilitating research into the South China Sea Circulation, Tropical Ocean-Air Processes, Climate Effects and Eco-environmental Consequences of Dynamical Processes in Tropical Oceans as outlined by the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology (SCSIO).

The TRIAXUS ROTV system for CAS includes a TRIAXUS E Vehicle, TRIAXUS Topside Unit, a MERMAC S20 Winch, inclusive of 3000 m of Electro-Optic Tow Cable with Subsea termination and a Focal combined electro-optical slip ring. The TRIAXUS sensor payload consists of a Teledyne RDI Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, SeaBird 911 CTD including a Dissolved Oxygen sensor and a WETLabs ECO Fluorometer providing a full payload for oceanographic research.

With the Sea Acceptance Test completed in September 2018, the TRIAXUS is now in full operation. As an undulating 3D towfish, the TRIAXUS features flaps for vertical as well as lateral control. Specifically developed for high-speed oceanographic data acquisition work the TRIAXUS can undulate between 1 and 400 metres ensuring dense data acquisition throughout the water column.

On completion of the Sea Acceptance Test in September Managing Director of Asia Pacific Operations, Steen Frejo stated:

This sale has marked a significant milestone for MacArtney as we delivered the first TRIAXUS ROTV into the Chinese oceanographic research market. The TRIAXUS is a robust and versatile piece of marine observation technology and we feel confident that this sale will lead to further sales within this emerging market”.

The need for continually evolving marine observation technology is one that is becoming increasingly more important as research organisations consider the wider climatic and ecological issues faced by our modern world. As we achieve this milestone, MacArtney plan to continue providing innovative technology solutions to support our ocean science customers.


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