DIDSON Sale for AUV Use

data acquisition defence

MacArtney has recently sold to the German WTD-71 Navy Department via MBT GmbH - our subsidary in Germany - a DIDSON sonar system package.

The MacArtney scope of supply includes a Long Range version of the DIDSON sonar, a requirement for a COAE software package as well as needing mechanical and systems integration onto the AUVs operated by WTD-71.

The DIDSON (Dualfrequency IDentification SONar) system is a sonar that is almost unique in its ability to be used in turbid and environmentally unfriendly areas of the ocean at many water depths.

The DIDSON system together with a COAE (Collision, Obstacles, Avoidance & Escape) software package this supplied by Seebyte Ltd. can enable the AUV to avoid the typical COAE situations. The COAE software package, can use the DIDSON sonar' image to provide details that can be interpreted and used by the AUV to alter the installed pre-planned mission with regard to the 'threat' images received.

The software package can also incorporate facilities used in core MCM multi-vehicle support.

The DIDSON system is manufactured by Sound Metrics Corporation (SMC) USA. MacArtney A/S represent the DIDSON products in the Northern European market.



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