US Hydro 2023 Conference (Exhibitor)

Where: Alabama, US
When: Mar. 13 - Mar. 16, 2023

The US Hydro 2023 will highlight topics reflecting the relevance that our profession and related sciences have in the marine geospatial world.

In some circles we are discussing the profile of "the hydrographer of the future" (the Canadian Hydrographic Service is leading a series of workshops on this topic), what they have to learn and to know, how technology is affecting their activities: the speed and amount of data being collected (Big Data), the wide variety of sensors and platforms used (IoT), the speed and efficiency in data analysis (AI and Deep Learning), the ways in which these data become information and is accessed by different kinds of users (Cloud services, Kubernetes) and new formats and standards (S-100, voxels).

Let's grow together and explore the next frontier of Hydrography at the US Hydro 2023!

We will be there! 

As a provider of underwater technology solutions and systems, this event is essential for us to visit and stay up-to-date on underwater technology and the affiliated sectors.

Please connect and drop by our booth #3 so we can tell you what's new and exciting at MacArtney.

Do you have any challenges that we may be able to assist with?

MacArtney is represented by

  • Jacobo Aguilar, Item Sales Manager
  • Matthew Dempsey, Business development/System Sales Manager


What | Exhibition

When | 13 - 16 March, 2023

Stand | #3

Where | Mobile Alabama Convention Center, Alabama

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