Salon International du Littoral (Visitor)

Where: Montpellier, France
When: Nov. 21 - Nov. 22, 2018

The international coastal exhibition - A professional event about coastal equipment and technologies including all the environmental challenges.

France has - with all its Overseas Departments and Territories - the second largest maritime territory worldwide, with a unique feature composed of 3 seasides: the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Channel. 

Mediterranean challenges are critical: matching the coastal ecological development with the infrastructures’ growth linked to economic activities. 

On this basis, the Occitanie Region, with the support of the French Government, launched the « Plan 21 ». A Plan focusing on coastal sustainable projects to imagine the maritime future of the region. 

The International Coastal Exhibition aims to be the meeting and trade place-to-be for all the key players affected by these issues.

Business activities represented:

  • Renewable marine energy resources
  • Biological marine resources
  • Coastal planning
  • Ports and infrastructures

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