Ocean Frontier 2022 (Exhibitor)

Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia
When: May. 16 - May. 19, 2022


Climate is at the top of the international policy agenda and creates immense risks and opportunities in the commercial sector. Understanding the changing ocean is critical to predicting the future of climate.

Did you know the ocean stores hundreds of times the heat and 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere? Hence some of the most pressing global issues are achieving net zero, developing sustainable food from the ocean, and protecting ocean biodiversity.

Conference delegates from industry and policy will share their visions and challenges for the sustainable development of these subjects over the next decade. They will highlight key questions to advance the field and outline their commitments to action to make an impact on solving some of the most pressing issues.

Meet MacArtney
As a provider of underwater technology solutions and systems, the Ocean Frontier Expo is an important event for us to stay updated on Ocean Technology and the affiliated sectors. Please have a chat with MacArtney Canada representative System Sales Manager Matthew Dempsey.


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