MATS 2021 (Visitor)

Where: Southampton, UK
When: Nov. 9 - Nov. 11, 2021

At the Marine Autonomy & Technology Showcase conference, the aim is to explore the information needs of users of Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS), review the current technologies available to enable the data gathering for MAS users, and examine the methods of taking that data and making it exploitable information for the user need.

The conference 2021 has five overall themes:

Theme 1: Users & Applications
Theme 2: Generating information from data
Theme 3: Planning and Control
Theme 4: Data collection
Theme 5: Autonomous platforms and supporting technology

Meet MacArtney
System Sales Manager Christopher Wallace attends the event Tuesday & Wednesday and is more than happy to meet - ready to welcome and answer questions about MacArtney systems, products and underwater technology solutions.


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