L3-Technologies Workshop and Live-Demonstration

Where: HafenCity Universität, Hamburg
When: Aug. 21 - Aug. 21, 2019

L3-Technologies Workshop and Live-Demonstration

Together with L3-Technologies, Hamburg Port Authority and the HafenCity Universität we present two autonomous vehicles (C-Cat3 and C-Worker5), equipped with a

  • Teledyne SeaBat T50-R
  • SBG Apogee INS
  • Teledyne Marine LIDAR
  • Teledyne Odom E20

Besides the Live-Demonstrations, we are hosting presentations describing the performance of autonomous vehicles within hydrography. Furthermore, L3 Technologies will offer an insight into the development of technology and products.

  • Date: 21.08.2019 (9:00 to 16:00)
  • Place: HafenCity Universität (Überseeallee 16, 20457 Hamburg)

Please register in due time as the number of participants is limited!

Register here (German site): https://www.macartney.de/macartney/anmeldung/


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