Hydro 2016 (Exhibitor)

Where: Rostock, Germany
When: Nov. 8 - Nov. 11, 2016

In November 2016 the 24th annual IFHS hydrographic conference and exhibition "HYDRO 2016" takes place in Rostock-Warnemünde. This event is organized by the German Hydrographic Society (DHyG) on behalf of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS).

Do not miss HYDRO 2016 Hydrographic Conference and Exhibition, November 8 – 10, 2016:

  • Three-day conference with leading experts in Hydrography
  • Exhibition with international manufacturers and service providers
  • Workshops, user seminars and application / product training
  • On-site boat demos
  • Social programme

Meet the MacArtney team (Stand 22)
As always, a dedicated team of MacArtney sales professionals, technicians and decision makers are ready to welcome stand visitors and answer any thinkable question about MacArtney systems, products and underwater technology solutions.