WindEnergy Hamburg 2023 (Visitor)

Where: Hamburg, DE
When: Sep. 27 - Sep. 30, 2022

MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions will walk the WindEnergy Hamburg conference on September 28 + 29.

WindEnergy Hamburg is wholly tailored toward addressing the major issues facing the international wind energy sector. It brings together a high-caliber, professional audience and exhibitors demonstrating their innovations and solutions from across the entire value chain of the industry.

There is an ongoing demand for onshore wind energy plants and requirements and regulations are getting stricter, whether in extreme climatic regions or in low-wind-speed areas. The industry is now developing onshore plants that are tailored to specific situations. At the same time, replacement of old plants by new, more efficient ones is ongoing.

The exploitation of offshore wind energy offers attractive market opportunities. The success of offshore wind energy exploitation depends, above all, on the effective combination of wind energy sector competencies and those of the maritime industry.

The industry is firmly demonstrating its innovative strengths – working to ensure sustainable growth and create added value.

MacArtney Offshore Wind solutions are visiting

We look forward to meeting and networking with key players from the wind energy sector. We are on a exciting journey as a business and are eager to learn about your challenges and successes in the industry, and how we best can assist in the process and result.

Please reach out for a chat and a coffee. Representing MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions are:

  • Jan Kirkegaard Albrechtsen - Head of Sales, Wind
  • Bent Christensen - Production Manager
  • Santa Skaba - Procurement Assistant

Details about the conference

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