MATS 2023 (Visitor)

Where: Southampton, UK
When: Nov. 7 - Nov. 9, 2023
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During MATS 2023, our aim to explore Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) seeks to underline the significance of MAS and to represent each key aspect of MAS through the themes outlined. 

For 2023 the conference is adding a new theme: Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning theme. 

The conference 2023 has five overall themes:

Theme 1: Sustainability and Net Zero Capability

Theme 2: Users & Applications

Theme 3: Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Theme 4: Data Collection and Information Generation

Theme 5: Autonomous platforms and supporting technology


Meet MacArtney
System Sales Manager Christopher Wallace walks the event and is more than happy to meet - ready to welcome and answer questions about MacArtney systems, products and underwater technology solutions.


Further information about the event  

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