Vsense set to bring MacArtney underwater technology to Israel

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The MacArtney Group is delighted to have signed a representative agreement with Vsense Technologies LTD - an industrious and innovative technology company based in Israel. The two companies will team up to offer cutting-edge underwater technology products and solutions to clients within relevant Israeli markets.

Operating out of high-tech Kibbutz Einat in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, Vsense Technologies is a global leader in the design, development and marketing of innovative video, audio, data surveillance, recording and COFDM transmission systems serving government agencies, defence contractors, industrial clients and academic institutes. Through a dedicated representations department, Vsense represents leading manufacturers from Europe and the USA in fields of communication, optical, energy, maritime and underwater solutions. Vsense works closely with its clients supporting their needs and activities.

Unlocking potential beneath the surface
As an official MacArtney representative, Vsense will have access to the entire range of MacArtney products, systems and integrated solutions. As a dedicated provider of underwater technology, MacArtney holds decades of experience with advanced solutions for underwater applications. Empowered by MacArtney products and systems, hereunder especially SubConn connectors, subsea cables and LUXUS cameras and lights, Vsense is enabled to move into new markets and unlock vast potential for integrating underwater and harsh environment solutions and applications for new and existing customers.

Globally local underwater solutions
Continuously strengthening its global outreach and customer support through strategic local presence in key markets is a long-standing cornerstone of MacArtney strategy. With an extensive network of local and regional contacts and clients within the realm of shipbuilding, defence, ocean science, offshore, diving and civil engineering industries, the partnership with Vsense is bound to be of great value to MacArtney. “Vsense holds a great reputation and is very well connected to relevant regional operators, stakeholders and markets. Moreover, the company boasts an extensive engineering capacity within electronics and optics and will be able to fully service MacArtney products locally” says MacArtney Sales and Marketing Director, Marco MacArtney. “We are delighted to work with Vsense and remain confident, that the partnership will aid to open even more doors for both our companies”, Marco MacArtney concludes.

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