MacArtney launches SubConn Nano. Compact and versatile, engineered to meet customer demands

Subconn Nano BH6M AT6F
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Due to market demand, MacArtney is excited to introduce the space and weight-saving ø12.7 mm SubConn® Nano, which builds on the globally trusted SubConn® design. This new Nano connector offers a versatile and robust performance, making it suitable for multiple applications and the increasingly compact design of underwater instruments, equipment, and systems.

The underwater industry continues to exceed the limits of what remotely operated and autonomous vehicles can achieve from the surface to the seafloor. As a result, there is a growing demand for solutions and technological advancements that can bolster high performance while maintaining a small footprint.

MacArtney aims to provide a comprehensive range of connectivity solutions catering to the diverse needs of our customers – ranging from high to low pin count connectors.

"Our customers have specifically requested a small-footprint SubConn splash-mate connector, which is why we are very thrilled to introduce the space and weight-saving Nano, designed to produce what we believe is a superior product with new features," says MacArtney's Paul Anthony, Global Business Manager Connectivity.

Moreover, it also enhances MacArtney's workshop connectivity solutions worldwide, adding another capability to our range as a one-stop system solutions provider for the underwater industry.

Small footprint, big impact
The addition expands SubConn's product portfolio, offering a new dimension of connectivity options. Despite its size, the market-driven SubConn Nano delivers powerful performance across a range of applications. Whether it's sensors, AUVs, or other subsea devices, the SubConn Nano fits seamlessly.

The SubConn Nano connector draws upon the well-known and 45 years of field-proven design principles of the SubConn Circular and Micro Circular series. It has been designed with enhanced sealing capability, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging underwater environments. Its meticulously designed uniform contact size and layout maintain consistency and dependability.

This splash and wet-mate connector is manufactured from high-grade titanium and neoprene to withstand deep ocean depths and open-face pressure ratings. The 2½-turn locking sleeve has been specially crafted for seamless mating and prevention of anti-seizing.

Developed in response to industry needs, the SubConn Nano is tailored to meet real-world subsea challenges.

A legacy of reliability and innovation
With over four decades of connectivity proficiency, the SubConn portfolio exemplifies precision engineering and seamless adaptation to the dynamic underwater technology market. From the larger ø46.5 mm (25-pin SubConn Circular) to the ultra-compact ø12.7 mm (6-pin SubConn Nano), SubConn’s connectors offer reliability and innovation. 

MacArtney maintains large quantities of connectors in stock globally and has multiple operations at strategic locations in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Additionally, MacArtney ensures the worldwide availability of SubConn connectors through exclusive agreements with distributors.

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