MacArtney launches new TrustLink Hybrid connector with minimal footprint

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TrustLink connector fibre optic design cable assembly workshop

MacArtney proudly introduces the Hybrid connector, a compact addition to our renowned TrustLinkTM Metal Shell series. Meeting customer demands, the Hybrid seamlessly delivers power, data, and communication in one.

The TrustLink Metal Shell (MS) design prioritises reliability in a high-density connector, addressing the challenges of harsh marine environments with limited space.

Paul Anthony, Global Business Manager Connectivity, emphasises the Hybrid's innovation:

With the Hybrid connector, MacArtney has taken this a step further. The single-footprint Hybrid is ideal for tight spots. With two optical passes and four electrical contacts, it enhances versatility while reducing the number of connectors required.

Customer-driven innovation
Building on the success of the TrustLink MS connectors, the Hybrid naturally extends the series. It is developed in response to customer demands for a small, all-in-one connectivity solution supporting numerous applications, including efficient and reliable data transmission with minimal attenuation and interference.

Leveraging MacArtney's proven OptoLink technology, initially designed to deliver dependable fibre optic connections in a compact connector, the Hybrid excels in high-speed data and video transmission. This is achieved through minimal insertion loss and low back reflection.

Exceptional flexibility and robust connections
The Hybrid offers remarkable flexibility, featuring two optical passes that enable the combination of single-mode and multi-mode fibre optics, along with four electrical contacts. Expanded optical beam technology ensures robust and secure connections, positioning it as the ideal connectivity solution where the accuracy and integrity of transferred data are paramount.

Furthermore, its easy-to-clean connector design ensures seamless maintenance.

A terminated connectivity solution
Acknowledging the need for accessibility and ensuring a quick turnaround for our customers, the Hybrid will be available from stock.

It is designed as a connectivity solution with recommended or client-specific cable options, terminated by one of MacArtney's global workshops. The comprehensive workshop solutions cover every subsea and offshore aspect, including moulding, custom assemblies, end-to-end harnesses, dedicated cable, electronics, fibre optics and testing facilities.

With its usability-enhancing qualities, this next-generation TrustLink Metal Shell Hybrid represents MacArtney's commitment to simplifying operational complexities in subsea and offshore environments.

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