MacArtney Group's strategic initiatives and strong markets drive record performance

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MacArtney Group, a global leader in underwater technology solutions, announces record-breaking revenue and profit figures. The Group's strategic initiatives and their employees' exceptional commitment and execution capabilities across all levels have been the driving force behind this success.

MacArtney Group exceeded its financial targets, with an annual report demonstrating growth in revenue and profits. The Group increased its revenue by 16,5% to 919 million DKK and more than doubled its profit before tax, ending at 83 million DKK.

The financial performance is built on a solid foundation coupled with prioritising global accessibility and its core businesses: connectivity, launch and recovery, and data acquisition. The Group has seen an increase across all geographies globally and in all key segments: Marine & Offshore, Ocean Science, Naval, and Offshore Wind.

Catering to growing global markets
Contributing to the continued success is MacArtney's vision, which is "to develop and deliver innovative and reliable technology to customers worldwide". The Group successfully caters to growing markets through its commitment to ensuring the security of supply, meeting customer demands, and complying with increased subsea surveys due to climate change, as well as the call for sustainable and visionary solutions.

"Also indicating the value of creating accessibility is an increase in demands for advanced workshop solutions in all MacArtney operations," Group CEO Niels Peter Christiansen adds. "Our customers acknowledge our technical and expert offerings ranging from calibration and hydrostatic pressure testing to moulding and cable assembly to complete training and service programmes."

Approaching ESG and sustainability
MacArtney has issued its first annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, built around the Group's 2028 ESG strategy, "Connecting responsible and reliable solutions". It benchmarks the next step towards a more structured and strategic approach to ESG and sustainability through our operations and solutions portfolio initiatives.

The ESG strategy and initiatives focus on four key areas MacArtney can impact: responsible production and consumption, carbon accounting and reduction, supporting life below water and social and corporate responsibility.

Successful contribution and execution by employees
MacArtney Group's dedicated staff has demonstrated high flexibility and adaptability. Emphasising the joint effort is a global increase in employees by 10% to nearly 500, reflecting the capability to maintain a strong local presence and market insight, enabling close collaboration with customers and suppliers.

Following this positive direction, being a trusted all-around supplier of high-tech equipment, MacArtney Group is poised for continued growth and success in the years ahead, staying on the path with a strategy comprising agility, adaptability and attracting a skilled workforce.

Group CEO Niels Peter Christiansen concludes:

"We have grown by 50% over the last two years. This progress confirms the effectiveness of our strategy. Our immediate objective is to generate one billion DKK in revenue next year. We can achieve this goal through our committed team effort and approach to providing innovative and reliable solutions to customers globally."

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