Hydro International - First ROTV Project for Noordhoek Survey Successful

rotv FOCUS side scan sonar sub bottom profiler instrumentation system integration oil and gas

Noordhoek Survey's first ROTV pipeline inspection campaign in the Southern North Sea has been successful. Approached by two major UK clients to undertake approximately 600km of pipeline inspection, Noordhoek knew that this would be the ideal campaign to prove their two recently aquired ROTV systems.

The DPII DSV Noordhoek Singapore was mobilised in Den Helder on 18th June and sailed that evening to commence offshore calibrations. Using a combination of Side-Scan Sonar and Multi-beam data, the survey was completed within a week. The ROTV appeared to be a very stable platform for hydrographical and geographical surveys. Not only was the survey completed in record-time with no loss of the data quality, it also was completed in the most challenging conditions, the Southern North Sea off the east coast of England where there are strong currents, numerous platforms and sandbanks of 5m!

The sample image shows the quality of the recorded data. The pipeline entering the protective structure is seen quite clearly and even the gaps between the mattresses covering the pipeline on the port channel are displayed.

Read more about: Offshore Source: Noordhoek (The Netherlands)
Website: http://www.noordhoek.net

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