High-end system solutions from MacArtney supplied to Geo Group, Germany, for hydrographic and geophysical survey

multi beam system integration civil engineering hydrography

Turnkey customer-specific concept including installation and training in hardware and software to support Geo Group, Germany, in mapping subsea areas.

MacArtney Germany has effected supply, installation and setting-to-work of several multibeam echo sounder systems and navigation equipment for hydrographic survey applications.

Being an internationally operating company providing solutions ranging from classic geoengineering services onshore to special tasks offshore, the Geo Group consists of 18 subsidiaries in Germany and Poland.

Scope of supply
The deliveries made by MacArtney have been distributed to four GEO subsidiaries (www.geogroup.de). Geo Ingenieurservice Süd has taken delivery of Teledyne Reson SeaBat T50-P, SBG Ekinox2D, Valeport SVP, QINSy Survey. These products are applied on board a small vessel for surveys in small lakes and rivers.

Geo Ingenieurservice NordWest has received Teledyne Reson SeaBat T20-R DualHead, GNSS ObeLx-R (Septentrio inside), Valeport SVP, QINSy Survey. This equipment has been supplied to a new-built trailerable vessel and represents the first dual head multibeam system for the GEO Group to operate in shallow areas and in nearshore inland projects.

Geo Offshore has taken delivery of iXBLUE Hydrins and Septentrio AsteRx-U MARINE FULL to be used for offshore projects.

To extend their own GRS-Geo Reference Service, Geo Ingenieurservice NordOst bought two AsteRx-U MARINE BASE to provide high accuracy GNSS corrections in the Baltic.

Featuring superior acoustic quality and high accuracy, the products supplied enable easy and quick down-loading and sharing of data relevant in relation to the hydrographic and geophysical surveying. The core competences of MacArtney Germany comprise oceanographic, geophysical and hydrographic measuring instruments and systems; areas where the company possesses considerable expertise recurrently being requested by their customers, when it comes to special tasks in the deep sea, in the coastal area and estuaries as well as in watercourses and lakes.

MacArtney Germany provides bespoke solutions, installation and training in hardware and software. Having supplied this high-tech equipment to the Geo Group is the result of an excellent teamwork between our hydrographic department and the Geo Group, says Jörg Brunken, System Sales Manager, MacArtney Germany.

The engineering solutions and technologies of the MacArtney Group are supplied to offshore oil, gas and marine renewable energy industries, oceanographic institutes, survey and subsea contractors, civil engineering, defence and navy customers.

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