Global access with local support stays paramount always

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Ongoing strategic push to provide global access with local support to MacArtney customers and solutions in all key markets for underwater technology makes MacArtney extend the sales representative network around the globe

The MacArtney Group is pleased to announce the signing of representative agreements with underwater technology focused companies in various parts of the world to function as official representatives of MacArtney underwater technology products in their respective markets.

To promote and support MacArtney across all underwater technology related markets around the world, business patnerships have been entered into with the following South American companies:

Colombia: EnvitecK S.a.s. This company was founded in Bogota in 2012. Main customers are DIMAR (Colombia’s maritime authorities), INVEMAR (marine and coastal research institute), IDEAM (the meteorological and hydrological institute of Colombia) and some of Colombia’s most prestigious universities. The business areas of EnvitecK are underwater technology supplies for the ocean science, defence and oil and gas markets.

Peru: Isetek S.A. - a Lima-based company founded in 1991. Isetek is dedicated to providing technological solutions in defence, mining, construction, research and fishing and have long-standing relationship with other advanced companies in the underwater technology business.

In the South Asian market, MacArtney has joined forces with M/s Irtisaal Enterprises based in Karachi, Pakistan. The company was established in 1997 as a representative of hydrographic equipment and subsequently oceanographic and engineering equipment for customers like the Pakistan navy, Pakistan air force, shipyards, etc.

On the Iberian Peninsula, MacArtney has boosted presence through the Portuguese company of Qualitas Instruments Lda - an engineering company founded in 2007. The Qualitas Group has offices in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Specialised in environmental observation and monitoring, Qualitas Instruments offers solutions to the operational oceanography, maritime safety, offshore and marine renewable energy sectors.

Joining forces to ensure customer focus
In their roles as MacArtney representatives, the above companies will have access to the entire range of MacArtney products, systems and integrated solutions for the purpose of ensuring global access with local support and service, thus being accessible around the world and around the clock.

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