Empowering subsea connectivity with MacArtney's cutting-edge EMO Omni solution

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Empowering subsea connectivity with MacArtney's cutting-edge EMO Omni solution

The customisable EMO Omni multiplexer meets the evolving needs of underwater operations, from offshore energy projects and marine research to environmental monitoring. Offering unmatched adaptability and operational efficiency, it is an essential tool for today's subsea operators.

Built on the tried and trusted MacArtney EMO and NEXUS platforms, the new HD fibre optic video and multibeam EMO Omni multiplexer represents a significant advancement in underwater data acquisition, enhancing the performance and scope of subsea projects. 

Positive initial customer feedback confirms that it confidently meets the growing demand for adaptable, robust telemetry solutions. Notably, end-user requests for bespoke multiplexers that deviate from the standard portfolio in terms of size or features further validate its market relevance. 

Andrew Palmer, the General Manager of MacArtney Canada, highlights,

With the EMO Omni, we've expanded our lineup of dependable multiplexers, aiming to design a flexible product addressing varied industry demands worldwide. This achievement reflects our operations' adept collaboration across borders, illustrating our ability to oversee the entire product development process internally while benefiting from our global cohesiveness for success.

Seamless connectivity and data efficiency
Uninterrupted connectivity beneath the waves is paramount for achieving operational goals and optimising data utilisation. 

The compact EMO Omni ensures seamless data collection and analysis, enabling informed decision-making and streamlined operations. High data output and real-time communication capabilities support multiple instruments and sensors with integrated diagnostics and remote monitoring features.

This functionality enhances operational efficiency and minimises manual interventions, ensuring consistent connectivity and efficient data transmission and management in diverse underwater environments.

Customisation at its core
At the core of the EMO Omni lies its highly customisable nature, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each operation and adaptable to a diverse range of subsea applications within offshore energy, naval projects, ocean science, marine research, and environmental monitoring.

The EMO Omni's adaptability extends to system integration, power supply, and material requirements, drawing on decades of MacArtney's industry experience and exceptional workshop capabilities. Swift customisation, including bespoke harness cables, is readily available globally through our local workshops.

The connectors mounted will typically be from MacArtney brands, such as SubConn®, OptoLinkTM and TrustLinkTM. However, the versatility offers flexibility in choosing from a wide selection available at MacArtney. 

Focus on ease-of-use
Focusing on long-term performance and user-friendliness, such as intuitive interfaces, the EMO Omni aims for minimal downtime through ease of maintenance, efficient troubleshooting, and quick issue resolution. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enhancing subsea project performance and mission success.

MacArtney's newest multiplexer addition is available globally via local operations in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

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