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SubConn Inc. and The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group have been supplying the world's leading range of underwater pluggable electrical connectors to the demanding underwater industry for over 30 years. The SubConn range has been developed over the years to meet the needs of our global customers from shallow water use to full ocean depth rating.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing and delivering industry standard, reliable and affordable connectors and cables, supported internationally by the MacArtney Underwater Technology Group.

Our globally trusted range of SubConn connectors is continually being tested and reviewed to ensure the highest quality and suitability to the underwater and offshore market. Our range is regularly extended to meet new individual or industry requirements.

SubConn Circular series

Circular series offers the ability to combine signal and power within a single connector
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SubConn Micro Circular series

To accommodate market demands for ever more flexible, dependable and cost efficient underwater connectivity solutions, SubConn® Micro connectors are available.
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SubConn Low Profile series

Low Profile series offers connectivity for underwater systems and equipment where space is restricted or a more compact solution is required wetmate drymate
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SubConn Micro Low Profile series

The SubConn® Micro Low Profile series was developed to suit the increasingly more compact design of underwater instruments, equipment and systems where space is restricted or a more compact solution is required.
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SubConn Metal Shell series

An alternative to Circular series bulkhead connectors where an even more rugged, resilient and protected underwater connectivity solution is required
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SubConn Power series

Power series offers a high performance, dependable connector solutions to accommodate the ever growing power requirements
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SubConn Ethernet series

Developed and manufactured to accommodate the demand for Gigabit data speed, signal and power for increasingly capable and compact underwater systems
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SubConn Coax series

Primarily used for facilitating the transmission of HD video signal within and between underwater systems and for interfacing HD video based equipment such as cameras and telemetry systems
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SubConn Specials

SubConn® holds extensive experience and expertise in supplying special connector solutions for a broad range of specific client applications
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SubConn Penetrator series

The SubConn® Penetrator series is a fixed installation alternative to in-line and bulkhead connectors
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SubConn polyurethane cables

All SubConn® connectors and penetrators can be supplied with dedicated underwater cables of various types and lead configurations
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SubConn additional accessories

All SubConn accessories are held in stock with MacArtney
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General technical information

Sustain the performance and extend the lifetime of SubConn® connectors.
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SubConn STEP files

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Subconn Book

The universal wet mate connectivity solution for underwater technology applications
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