MacArtney Hydraulics A/S


MacArtney Hydraulics A/S
Sønderbyvej 6
DK-7620 Lemvig
(CVR No. 36 41 03 37)
Phone: +45 9783 6599

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Hydraulic cylinders for industry and offshore markets

MacArtney Hydraulics A/S is the former Klinkby Maskinfabrik A/S, and part of the MacArtney Group since 2014.

MacArtney Hydraulics A/S has a well-equipped machine shop with CNC controlled milling- and turning machines, robot-assisted for serial production of parts and components for hydraulic cylinders.

MacArtney Hydraulics A/S is a specialist in the design and production of bespoke hydraulic cylinders for industrial and offshore companies, demanding high-performance applications and excellent craftsmanship.

Besides custom made cylinders, we offer a standard range of hydraulic cylinders. The KS2 series of hydraulic cylinders are designed for medium-duty applications and delivered from stock.

We have, for more than 50 years, developed and manufactured high standard hydraulic cylinders of excellent quality.