The best of Quality

Complete transparency

To earn a space in a high-technology and rapidly moving market as renewables, we play our cards face up from the first encounter. 

Entrusted partner

Supporting our openness, accessibility and expertise in the field is the trust returned by our clientele in terms of relations and the projects we are given. 

Among others, we are authorised to access the very core of a wind turbine - the nacelle - enabling control and operation to implement and execute our technology.

Consultation and Sales Process

Already in the planning phase, we communicate closely with the client to develop the optimum concept for the requirements. An in-house pool of resources and competencies enables us to hand-pick a dedicated team with a good mix of relevant skills supporting the transformation from drawing board to reality.

The solution is developed in close cooperation with the customer, ensuring clear consensus within the team and that all needs are met.

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Experienced designers construct the optimum solution for your needs.

All team members - new and old - hold in-depth knowledge of wind and offshore industries. Our close cooperation with MacArtney Underwater Technology enables us to draw on solution synergies and - if needed - extra forces from all departments in both companies.

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Only with good components, a safe and good solution can be produced. 

Noget om at vælge det bedste materiale, samarbejde med de mest anerkendte leverandører, indkøber det selv?


MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions comply with valid technical standards as a specialised company. We have a well-documented production basis. We comply with current CE standards and are ISO certified.

Furthermore, we identify potential risks through the methodical approach and risk assessment tool: Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA).

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Drives and control technology

Intelligent load-handling devices increasingly have electromechanical or hydraulic drives. And although we operate in electric and hydraulic systems, we recognise and support the ascending market demand for all-electric solutions reducing elements impacting our environment.

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Testing and documentation

Material and process testing imply additional safety. Our work is inspected by our own or independent inspectors using the latest testing equipment.

Training, Service and After Sales Service

During operation, a 24/7 uptime is vital. MacArtney Offshore Wind performs scheduled and unscheduled service and troubleshooting on all MacArtney Offshore Wind Solutions and multi-brand equipment - on-site or remote.

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Relevant her? In accordance with accident prevention regulations, load-lifting equipment must be checked at certain intervals to ensure that it is in a safe condition. Offshore Wind Solutions