MacArtney umbilical winch for multi-functional pre-laying cable plough


Requiring a trenching umbilical winch for deployment of underwater equipment, Assodivers places order with MacArtney for more winches

MacArtney winch and handling solutions embrace some of the most advanced and rugged systems available and have been trusted by operators within maritime industries for decades. Manufacturing winches and handling systems for all requirements, MacArtney has supplied more than 500 solutions since 1989. In consequence, MacArtney systems are continuously involved in the safe and efficient launch and recovery of ROVs, towed systems, corers, drills, ploughs, pumps, sonars, sensors, diving systems and a vast range of other equipment types, under harsh maritime conditions all across the globe.

Scope of supply

The scope of supply of the order for Assodivers includes a trenching umbilical winch and an electric-optical slip ring. The winch is characterised by a self-contained, all steel welded construction with protection frame, drum, level wind, gear box, electric motor and switch board.

Proven technology and ingenuity

Having built up expertise as a multi-disciplined engineering, procurement, and construction contractor, MacArtney delivers challenging subsea projects from concept to completion. Beyond standard winch and handling systems, MacArtney supplies a broad range of advanced customised solutions including complete vessel moon pool handling systems and winches for military, container integrated, underwater and arctic applications.

Apart from their extreme functionality and reliable features, winch and handling systems based on proven MacArtney standard designs offer several advantages to customers including reduced delivery time, lower costs and standardisation of spare parts.

The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group is dedicated to maintaining a strong global presence. With 18 group operations supplemented by 24 representative companies spread across the world, MacArtney solutions are always available locally - with full global support.