MacArtney supplies automatic bolt-torquing tool to Siemens Gamesa

Nacelle and hub interface with turner tool.jpg

Ensuring functionality and durability

The way in which waves, currents, and sediments interact in the marine environment is extremely complex. Therefore, it is vital to have the right equipment which ensures proper functionality and durability. The automatic bolt-torquing tool supplied by MacArtney represents such a type of equipment. The purpose of the tool is to tighten the pre-mounted bolts/nuts between the hub and the generator without manual involvement. The motivation is safety and zero harm, absolute traceability, and a profitable, secure process.


The supply consists of two parts, a Turner tool that creates rotation of the generator and an automatic bolt tool for torquing. The Turner tool unit is transportable by a standard 3 T rapid forklift, and the torqueing tool is portable in a customised storage carriage certified for lifting. After correct positioning of the Turner tool under the nacelle, and mounting of the torquing tool in the nacelle, the fully automated process is initiated. Prior to torquing each bolt, positioning of the hub/generator is achieved through an optical sensor system. Tightening of the bolts is carried out in two torquing stages. Data is continuously accessible and presented in real time by the control system HMI. For full traceability, the torquing process is thoroughly monitored and logged in a quality report.

During stage two of the bolt torquing sequence, all bolts are stamped with a “Torque Approved” mark ensuring a valid and visible mark for manual inspection, thus guaranteeing that the bolts are tightened to the correct torque.

The sustainable and cost-efficient equipment provided by MacArtney ensures a secure process that contributes to lowering the total cost of energy. Choosing the right supplier is crucial for the long term success of offshore renewable energy projects. The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group has been actively working with offshore renewable energy projects for several years, supplying state-of-the-art solutions to wave, tidal, and offshore wind applications and projects around the world.

MacArtney’s portfolio of underwater technology systems and products has proven itself to be an ideal basis for advising and supplying the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. Many of our existing products are directly transferable to offshore renewable energy applications, where our termination, rotary, infrastructure, and connectivity solutions offer reliability and a proven track record. Our in-depth knowledge of the marine renewable energy industry, supported by world-wide representation, vouches for optimised and simplified MacArtney solutions, in all aspects.