Solving the challenge of transferring energy from sea to power grid

marine renewable energy GreenLink connector cable

Designs for channelling wave or tidal movement vary greatly from producer to producer and have different inherent challenges to solve. Regardless of their design, however, they all have one fundamental challenge; how to reliably transfer the collected power to the mainland.

With its latest orders to the offshore renewable energy industry, Danish based manufacturer MacArtney is proving to be at the forefront of advising on systems and providing solutions to the industry-wide challenge of transferring moving water energy to the onshore power grid.

Gathering the energy is just part of the equation

The range and variation in designs for harnessing the natural power of water movement is enormous, and devices work in vastly different ways. Common to them all, however, is that they need to transfer dynamic energy into energy that can be transferred onshore. This connection must also be able to withstand enormous loads in the harsh underwater environment.

MacArtney has developed a number of underwater connector systems designed to link the moving system with the static power cable. At one end, the connector bears the movement associated with the system, and at the other it connects to the large, less flexible high power cable linking it to the mainland power grid. The system is also designed for split-phase installation, where cable is laid out ready on site and the system installed at a later date.

The Danish based company has also been successful with its specialised junction boxes, which are also specially designed for offshore use.

Some suppliers were born for the part

Choosing the right supplier is crucial in ensuring the long term success of a project, and MacArtney's portfolio of underwater technology systems and products has proven itself to be an ideal basis for advising and supplying this new energy sector.

MacArtney A/S, with its 30 years of experience in underwater technology solutions, has advised on and delivered a range of connectors in many different designs to a number of customers across the world. They have specialist knowledge that is essential for providing reliable advice and tested technologies and products. Tailor made solutions can be made based on existing products, reducing lead time and ensuring optimal pricing.

"Our range of products and wealth of experience is ideally suited to this new branch, and we are of course focussing our energy on remaining at the cutting edge of this new use for underwater technology. We have been working with renewable energy for several years and customers are increasingly turning to us for advice as well as supply, "explains Niels Erik Hedeager, CEO for MacArtney A/S.

"Infrastructure plays an important role in the new renewable energy sector, and at MacArtney we are committed to providing the best advice, complete systems, products, and of course total confidentiality throughout the entire process."


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