MacArtney upgrades CORMAC winch range

CORMAC winch

The MacArtney Group is pleased to reveal the implementation of several significant upgrades to its long established range of CORMAC electric stainless steel winches.

CORMAC winches by MacArtney
MacArtney CORMAC winches are constructed as modular and self-contained systems, housed in protective stainless steel frames. The modular outline of the CORMAC winch design entails that the winches can be easily modified to accommodate a variety of tasks.

The winches are constructed from glass blasted AISI 304 stainless steel and require minimal maintenance.

CORMAC winches are designed to be easy to control - using either a frame mounted control panel or an appurtenant remote.

The CORMAC winch range encompasses several models ranging from CORMAC 2 (cable length: 1500m, diameter: 8,2mm) to CORMAC 6 (cable length: 3200m, diameter: 11,4mm). Operators are allowed to choose between a broad range of specifications including speed, pull, motor size, system weight and cable capacity. Moreover, all CORMAC winches are available in a HS (High Speed) version and can be CE marked if supplied with cable and termination.

Upgrades and new features
CORMAC winches incorporate several intelligent features which, while allowing for accurate and high speed equipment handling, makes for a very effective winch solution.
The standard 'soft start' function makes the winch easy to handle, improves equipment manoeuvrability and protects the winch motor and gear. The electric motor and junction box are IP56 and as an upgraded feature, all CORMAC winches are now fitted with an electric driven level wind, allowing for significantly improved spooling performance, while making it possible to easily change cable diameter. Finally, all CORMAC winches are prepared for a MOOG Focal model 180 electrical/electro-optical slip ring.

As a new feature, all CORMAC winches can be fitted with a speed and metre counter display mounted within the protective frame. As a frequently selected option, CORMAC winches are supplied with a wired or wireless remote control featuring high precision joystick control and an optional display indicating the deployed cable length and pay in/pay out speed.

A long and versatile track record
CORMAC winches are designed and engineered for optimal durability and dependability and are widely used by operators worldwide, to handle oceanographic instruments, side scan sonars and small inspection class ROV systems.

Over the past 25 years, MacArtney has gained a long and versatile track record, supplying CORMAC winches and complete CORMAC based equipment handling systems to system providers and operators such as EdgeTech and DOF Subsea.


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