MacArtney acquires manufacturer of offshore and renewable energy system solutions ASME A/S

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We are delighted to announce that MacArtney Underwater Technology Group has acquired the majority holding in Denmark based ASME A/S.

ASME A/S designs and manufactures complete systems to the marine offshore, ocean science and renewable energy markets. ASME has specialised in PLC and PC based active heave compensated solutions, launch and recovery systems, automated electric and hydraulic turntables and tensioners, electronic control systems and many more specialised systems.

ASME Hydra A/S, a subsidiary company of ASME A/S, designs and manufactures high quality hydraulic cylinders for the offshore market as well as other segments which require high quality materials and welding as well as traceability and documentation.

More than 125 highly qualified employees in ASME enjoy top modern manufacturing and office facilities. The founder of ASME, Arne Schmidt will resign by the end of 2016 and is pleased and comfortable that MacArtney will take ASME to the next level.

This strategic acquisition will enable MacArtney to expand its offerings in existing segments as well as new segments through its worldwide operations.

MacArtney Underwater Technology is a privately owned corporation with group headquarters in Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark. The company has supplied products and engineering solutions for almost four decades.


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