Heavy duty cable pull test

cable termination workshop service

Testing cables and terminations is often an important part of the supply process.
Customers need to know that the system they receive can withstand the forces under which they are designed to work.

Engineering calculations and cable manufacturer certification are essential elements but sometimes customers need to perform a pull test.
MacArtney recently performed a pull test on a cable and termination destined for heavy duty offshore work.

The cable and termination were tested to the required SWL of 15.9 tons and further tested to a pull of 63.5 tons without failing.

MacArtney can provide cable pull testing at its own facilities at up to 40 tons and can offer testing at up to 1000 tons to destruction and 1200 tons in non-destructive tests.


Safety is an important issue, especially if testing to destruction. To protect operators, hatches are firmly closed before any pulling force is applied to the cable and termination.


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