In Depth | Volume 9 | 2012

At MacArtney Underwater Technology we pride ourselves in our ability to 'think in systems' and provide solutions. This issue of In Depth takes a look at some of the products that bind underwater technology solutions together, hereunder especially our range of NEXUS multiplexers.

Whether mounted on an advanced ROV or on a robust camera sledge travelling to the depths of a volcanic eruption, the NEXUS is at the very heart of underwater technology solutions. Here it works to facilitate the interfacing and integration of high-tech equipment and plays a pivotal part in the transmission of speed-of-light signal communication between subsea units and topside surface control.

In the present issue, you can also read about  MacArtney's range of uniquely third party certified Mac API connectors, a high tech adaptive resolution imaging sonar, mobile workshop facilities, new MacArtney offices around the globe and much more...

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