In Depth | Volume 11 | 2013

Having recently implemented and launched significant upgrades across our entire range of MERMAC and CORMAC winches and LARS systems, MacArtney is looking to further strengthen its position as a global supplier of world class winch and handling solutions.
MacArtney winch and handling systems are some of the most advanced solutions available and have been trusted by customers and operators for decades. We specialise in electric winch systems which deploy intelligent technology to extend windows of operation and provide improved working safety for users taking on complex challenges under harsh maritime conditions. You can read much more about MacArtney Winch and Handling Solutions within this issue of In Depth.
In this issue, you can also read about why James Cameron and WHOI uses SubConn connectors, the deployment of a MacArtney Inline Termination to connect tidal power to the onshore grid, the new NEXUS MK VI multiplexer and much more...

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