MacArtney Manufacturing

MacArtney Manufacturing
Idomvej 4
DK-7570 Vemb
(CVR No. 20 56 86 07)
Phone: +45 9693 5050

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Global supplier of marine offshore applications

MacArtney Manufacturing is the latest acquisition made by MacArtney A/S and has been part of the MacArtney Group since January 1, 2017. Prior to this date of acquisition the name of the company was ASME A/S.

MacArtney Manufacturing develops, manufactures, and delivers overall solutions for renewable energy and offshore markets. Our trademark is quality and reliability. 

We specialise in PLC and PC solutions, steel and machining. Representing versatile experience and vast knowledge of the industry, we are able to develop and manufacture individual turnkey solutions, which are thoroughly tested, safe and timely delivered.

We have a motto expressing that our customers' business should never be idle due to products delivered by us. Hence, we maintain a constant focus on quality, accuracy, service, and highly qualified employees who both can and will obey our motto.

MacArtney Manufacturing currently has 82 employees distributed on our factories in Bur and Klinkby.

We are ISO certified, and with our associated company MacArtney Hydraulics, Klinkby, which develops and manufactures hydraulic cylinders, we have reached our goal of being recognised for quality and reliability in every sense.