MacArtney Hydraulics

MacArtney Hydraulics
Sønderbyvej 6
DK-7620 Lemvig
(CVR No. 36 41 03 37)
Phone: +45 9783 6599

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Hydraulic cylinders for industry and offshore markets

MacArtney Hydraulics is the latest acquisition made by MacArtney A/S and has been part of the MacArtney Group since January 1, 2017. Prior to this date of acquisition the name of the company was ASME Hydra A/S, an associate company of the former ASME A/S, now MacArtney Manufacturing.

MacArtney Hydraulics develops and manufactures hydraulic cylinders for industry and offshore companies making considerable demands on quality, design, good craftsmanship as well as engineering. 

For more than 40 years we have been developing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders of an excellent quality. Common terms for all of our cylinders are:

  • Very high documentation demands
  • Thoroughly calculated and tested designs
  • Intact traceability; even after many years of use
  • Certifications according to DNV GL-CG-0194 or to individual customer demands
  • Approved according to Norsok M-601 and DNV GL
  • Welding on account of approved WPQR prior to delivery
  • Certificate and component declaration included

The above features will be secured by skilled engineers, qualified craftsmen and competent project managers. Thus, our customers will receive hydraulic cylinders in the quality required, delivered on time and at the price agreed upon.