Salon du Littoral (Visitor)

Where: Montpellier, France
When: Sep. 25 - Sep. 26, 2019

Le Salon du Littoral - or the International Coastal exhibition - offers a 360° view of the business including coastal equipment and technologies including all the environmental challenges.

France (with all its Overseas Departments and Territories), has a maritime territory with unique features composed of 3 seasides: the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Channel.

The Occitanie Region, with the support of the French Government, launched "Plan 21" to meet some of the Mediterranean challenges regarding ecological coastal development and growing infrastructure. Plan 21 focuses on coastal sustainable projects to imagine the maritime future of the region and The International Coastal Exhibition aims to be the meeting and trade place-to-be for all the key players affected by these issues.

Among the business activities represented:

  • Renewable marine energy resources
  • Biological marine resources
  • Coastal planning
  • Ports and infrastructures

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