Aqua Nor 2021 (Visitor)

Where: Trondheim, Norway
When: Aug. 24 - Aug. 27, 2021

Aqua Nor is the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition drawing about 20,000 visitors from up to 76 nations to its halls. All the latest innovations of importance are presented to the industry.

The aquaculture industry has grown tremendously during the years since 1979 when Aqua Nor first opened, and technology, processes and services related to farming salmon, marine species, molluscs etc are represented at the event. All the major aquaculture nations are present, either as exhibitors, visitors, or in official delegations.

Modern aquaculture is today a knowledge industry with very advanced technology and the very latest innovations are presented at Aqua Nor.

MacArtney visits Aqua Nor (in-person event) 
Meet up and chat with MacArtney experts

  • Bjørn T. Akselsen, Managing Director - MacArtney Norge
  • Paul Økland, Technical Sales Engineer - MacArtney Norge
  • Lars F. Hansen, President - MacArtney Inc., USA

As a provider of underwater technology solutions and systems, this conference is an important event for us to visit and thus stay up-to-date on aquaculture Technology and the affiliated sectors.

What | Exhibition, 24 – 27 August 2021 (digitally from August 1st)

Where | Trondheim Spektrum and digitally

About | How to visit and what to see


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