MERMAC A - Dynamic and versatile Launch and Recovery System Solutions

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A frame linear
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The MacArtney range of dynamic MERMAC A launch and recovery system (LARS) solutions include A-frames, davits and other solutions for providing reliable and fully controllable deployment and recovery of a wide range of equipment - from small oceanographic instruments to large work class ROV systems. MERMAC A LARS solutions can be designed as portable or fixed systems and form part of compact and fully integrated winch and handling solutions on board almost any type of vessel.

Standard MacArtney MERMAC A-frame models range from the MERMAC A10 compact and portable A-frame handling system to the powerful and uniquely foldable MERMAC A50. The MERMAC A10 has been designed to incorporate MacArtney CORMAC Q winches for efficient handling of inspection ROVs, side scan sonar, survey equipment, oceanographic instrumentation and a wide range of other types of marine equipment. MERMAC A10 systems are easy to control and provide the outreach needed for safe launch and recovery. The systems can be supplied with or without a hydralic power unit (HPU).

At the other end of the range, the MERMAC A50 is a 120 kN A-frame primarily designed for handling TMS based work class ROV systems. The system design features an industry unique extra skid joint which allows the frame to fold at an extreme angle to enter transportation or deck access mode. The MERMAC A50 system can be delivered with a fully integrated docking head with latching mechanism and rotating function.

Beyond the A10 and the A50, the MacArtney MERMAC A range also spans everything from basic over-the-side handling systems, including J-frames and davits, to much more advanced systems such as articulating A-frames, 45° launch position A-frames, horizontal launch position A-frames, low dip A-frames and container integrated A-frame solutions.


  • Work class ROV systems
  • Inspection class ROV systems
  • Towed vehicles and instrumentation platforms
  • Side scan sonar systems
  • Oceanographic systems, sensors and equipment
  • Seabed drilling and sampling systems
  • Light handling and support for subsea completion
  • General marine instrumentation
  • Piston corer handling


  • Certification according to DNV 2.7-3
  • Certification according to DNV 2.22
  • Docking head (not A10)
  • Hinged base system for easy transport
  • Extension on main legs (telescoping - not A10)
  • Pitch/roll damping on docking head
  • Spare parts packages
  • Service packages
  • Telescoping