Special cable, multi purpose - Type 0214

Construction characteristics

Conductor: 1,93 mm², 19 x 0,361 mm stranded bare
copper conductor insulated with HDPE,1,5 mm wall.
Served shield: 1 layer of bare copper wires, nominal diameter 0,2 mm
Jacket: HDPE jacket, 0,7 mm wall
Armour: Inner layer of galvanized steel wires, diameter 1,0 mm
Outer layer of galvanized steel wires, diameter 1,25 mm


Mechanical characteristics

Diameter: 11,0 ± 0,3 mm
Weight in air: 450 kg/km
Weight in seawater: 360 kg/km
Min. bending radius: 220 mm
Breaking strength: 60 kN
Safe working load: 15 kN


Electrical characteristics

Test voltage (conductor/shield): 8 kV DC, 5 min
Insulation resistance: ≥100 GΩ∙km conductor against shield, earth
≥100 MΩ·km shield against armouring, earth
DC conductor resistance: ≤10 Ω/km at 20°C for 1,93 mm²
≤9 Ω/km at 20°C for shield
Inductance at 600 kHz: approx. 0,25 mH/km
Capacitance up to 600 kHz: approx. 120 nF/km
Impedance at 600 kHz: approx. 50 Ω