Fibre optic tow cable - Type 118440

Construction characteristics

Fibre optic element 4 x Single mode fibre G.657 in steel tube (2 each)
Colour: blue, orange, green, brown
Conductor: 1.5 mm² compacted stranded bare copper conductor
(7 x 0.53 mm) insulated with PP
Nominal thickness 0.35 mm (2 each). Colour: red, blue
Inner jacket: HDPE jacket, nominal thickness 0.4 mm, nominal diameter 5.3 mm
Armouring: One layer of galvanized steel wires, diameter 1.3 mm
One layer of galvanized steel wires, diameter 1.1 mm
(Armouring grease)


Mechanical characteristics

Outer diameter: 10.0 ± 0.3 mm
Weight in air: approx. 390 kg/km
Weight in seawater: approx. 320 kg/km
Min. bending radius: approx. 200 mm
Theoretical breaking strength: approx. 74 kN
Min. breaking strength: approx. 67 kN
Min. safe working load: 15 kN


Electrical characteristics

Electrical DC resistance: ≤13.5 Ω/km
Insulations resistance: ≥ 10 GΩ/km
Max operating voltage: 1 kV
Test voltage, DC, 2 min: 4 kV
Attenuation rate: ≤0.5 dB/km at 1,310 nm
≤0.3 dB/km at 1,550 nm