Power cable - Type 50041



Construction characteristics

Power conductor: 2 mm² stranded bare copper conductor, IEC 60228 class 6 or equivalent, insulated with Polyolefin. Nominal OD 2.9 mm, black with white numbers 1-4 (4 each)

Filler: Fillers where needed for roundness

Tape: Binder tapes

Screen: Tinned copper braid – coverage ≥ 85%

Tape: Waterblocking tape

Outer jacket: Polyurethane jacket, colour: Blue – glossy finish. Nominal thickness 1.0 mm. Marking on cable: Power cable type 50041 /08mmyy

European directives: 2002/95/CE (RoHS – Reduction of Hazardous Substances) and 2002/96/CE (WEEE – Waste from Electronic Equipment)


Mechanical characteristics

Outer diameter: 10.0 mm ±0.30 mm

Weight in air: 186 kg/km

Weight in seawater: 108 kg/km

Min. bending radius, static: 100 mm

Min. bending radius, dynamic: 150 mm

Depth rating: 6,000 m

Operating temperature range: -40°C - +80°C


Electrical characteristics

Working voltage: 600 V

Test voltage: 3,500 V VAC x 1 min.