Hybrid cable, electrical/optical - Type 3644/K


Construction characteristics

Fibre optic element: 4 multimode optical fibres 50/125 µm and 4 singlemode
optical fibres 9/125 µm in jelly filled stainless steel tube with Polyolefin jacket. 3 mm diameter
SM fibre colour: white, yellow, green and blue
MM fibre colour: red, orange, brown and grey

Conductor: 1,0 mm2 stranded tinned copper conductor insulated with polyolefin
3 mm nominal diameter, (6 each).
Conductor colour: brown, red, orange yellow, green and blue

Filler: Hot melt filler + binder tape

Inner jacket: Polyurethane jacket. Nominal diameter 10,9 mm. Colour: Glossy green

Strength member: High strength textile braid

Outer jacket: Polyurethane jacket. Colour: Glossy green

Environment lights: Used in sea water, exposed to air, snow, rain and sun

Halogen free: Halogen acid gas emission ≤0,5% when tested in accordance to IEC 60754-1 – CEI 20-37


Mechanical characteristics

Diameter: 16,40 ±0,40 mm

Weight in air: 278 kg/km nom.

Weight in seawater: 67 kg/km nom.

Min. bending radius, static: 164 mm

Min. bending radius, dynamic: 246 mm

Safe working load: 5 kN

Min. breaking strength: 25 kN

Qualified pressure test: 6,000 m (600 bar)

Operating temperature: -20°C - +80°C


Electrical and fibre optical characteristics

Operating voltage: 1,000 V Va.c.

Test voltage: 3,000 V Va.c. at 1 minute

Electrical resistance at 20̊C: ≤ 20.4 Ω/km

Insulation resistance at 20̊C: ≥ 1,000 MΩ x km

Fibre attenuation:
2.80 dB/km at 850 nm for multimode fibre
0.80 dB/km at 1300 nm for multimode fibre
0.38 dB/km at 1310 nm for singlemode fibre
0.25 dB/km at 1550 nm for singlemode fibre