Fibre optical cable - Type 3040

Construction characteristics

Filler in centre: Filler
Fibre optic element: Single mode fibre (8,2/125/245 µm SM) with Hytrel buffer (4 each) Fibre colour: blue, orange, green brown. Plow steel 8 x 0,38 mm strength member and HDPE jacket, black 
Tape: Adh/Poly tape 
Outer jacket: TPU outer jacket, nominal thickness 1,51 mm
Marking: 4 x single mode cable Type 3040 /02MMYY


Mechanical characteristics

Diameter: 8.99 ± 0.2 mm 
Weight in air: 96 kg/km nom
Weight in seawater: 31 kg/km nom
Specific gravity: 1.5 mm
Min. bending radius, dynamic: 90 mm
Breaking strength: 5.3 kN
Installation load: 1.8 kN
Recommended min bending diameter: 76 mm


Electrical and fibre optical characteristics

Attenuation: ≤ 0.45 dB/km at 1310 nm
≤ 0.30 dB/km at 1550 nm