Superuser training programme

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Training goals
The superuser training programme enables the successful participant to gain full insight into the use of the installed MacArtney winch system. The participant will understand the capabilities of the winch and learn to make optimal use of the system. In addition, the participant will be able to troubleshoot known electrical issues on the system. Finally, the programme serves as a prerequisite for operators who wants to utilise the MacArtney hotline service package.

Scope of training

  • Understanding the full scope of operational features on the MacArtney winch
  • Build basis for both an operator and a maintenance based advanced skill-set
  • Understanding the electrical components of the MacArtney winch
  • Reading and understanding the electrical schematics of the MacArtney winch
  • Placement and identification of all electrical parts on MacArtney winch 
  • Troubleshooting and replacement of winch parts and components
  • Preparation for effective use of MacArtney hotline


  • Training certificate (upon examination)

The number of participants on the training programme is limited to 6.

The participants are required to hold

  • Basic knowledge of marine winch operation
  • Basic electrical knowledge
  • Basic English language proficiency (written and oral)

Type of training
The type of training is divided between classroom sessions and hands-on training.

Place of training
The training will take place at the physical location of the MacArtney winch. The winch must be accessible and operational.

Other training site requirements include

  • Classroom suited for 6 people
  • Projector or flat screen TV

Training schedule and duration
The training course will cover 5 days including advanced hands-on electrical winch troubleshooting.