Slip ring repair and maintenance

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As part of the long-standing and successful partnership between the MacArtney Group and Focal, MacArtney operates an extensive network of specialised workshops to service and maintain Focal slip ring products.

MacArtney slip ring service
All MacArtney slip ring workshops are able to provide ongoing maintenance, service, testing and repair of all Focal slip ring models used in the marine marketplace. Furthermore, several of our workshops are able and equipped to carry out complete overhaul and refurbishment of worn or damaged slip ring products returning them to an ‘as new’ condition.

The right hands with the right tools
Our workshops are staffed by experienced slip ring technicians who have all received advanced training from Focal. Moreover, our workshops are fitted out with equipment and tools that mirror what one would find at Focal’s own manufacturing facility in Canada. This includes induction soldering equipment and advanced system test technologies.

Meticulous testing prevents operational downtime
Extending the operational lifespan and preventing costly downtime of serviced systems is of key importance to MacArtney. In order to comply with this, we apply several testing processes and technologies, including a custom developed test-bench which allows all slip rings to be tested while actually rotating. Moreover, we have the ability to test slip rings and fibre optic rotary joints at low temperatures - thus simulating conditions found in harsh subsea environments.

Spares readily available
In order to further reduce system downtime during service, the MacArtney Group carries an extensive range of spare parts for slip rings. Our standing stock includes mechanical parts, cables, bearings and other consumables required to refurbish slip ring units.