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The LISST-VSF comes with all the items necessary for deployment including a rechargeable NiMH external battery pack that allows more than 15 hours of continuous data collection. A test chamber is also provided to allow the instrument to be tested in the lab. An optional mixed test chamber with four counter rotating mixers is available for extensive laboratory testing.

The LISST-VSF also ships with Matlab scripts that allow for both viewing raw data and for one step data processing. Raw data from the instrument is plotted using a Matlab based GUI. This piece of software is useful for conducting quick QC checks of the data or ensuring cleanliness of the instrument and/or background water.

The Matlab processing functions handle all of the calculations required to convert raw data to the calibrated Volume Scattering Function. All that is required for processing is a raw data file and a clean water background file. The processing function returns approximately 15 different computed variables, most notably:

  • P11 (Volume Scattering Function)
  • P12
  • P22
  • Beam attenuation coefficient (c)
  • Scattering coefficient (b)
  • Depth
  • Temperature

The processing function also provides the option of plotting several of the computed data products.

All of the source code for the processing functions ship with the LISST-VSF. The code can be edited for custom applications or used as a tool to better understand the steps involved in the data processing.