LISST Portable | XR

LISST-PortableXR-normal.jpg LISST-PortableXR-inserted.jpg LISST-PortableXR_InCase.jpg

The LISST-Portable|XR analyzes the sample in a wet state to obtain the particle size distribution and the particle volume concentration. The LISST-Portable|XR uses the same laser light scattering method (laser diffraction) as popular laboratory particle size analyzers.

It has all the features and performance of a laboratory instrument but in a self-contained, portable enclosure that allows you to make measurements where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

One of the key features of the LISST-Portable|XR that sets it apart from other particle size analyzers (in addition to being truly portable) is how easy it is to use. Upon powering up the instrument the first thing you will see is the large 7” Touch Screen. This touch screen walks the operator through the process of collecting a measurement and displays the results for immediate evaluation. No computer is required to take measurements or view results. The results are stored on the instrument and can be downloaded later to generate a formal report. The ease of use combined with the configurable standard operating procedures makes it possible to have non-experts consistently and accurately measure particle size.

Measurements are saved on-board the instrument and can be viewed on the screen at any time. Connect the LISST-Portable|XR to a PC using the provided USB cable to offload the processed results. Using a customizable Excel template a formal size distribution report can be generated and printed or saved as a PDF.