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The LISST-Holo2 stores holograms for study of flocs, plankton, and other particles in water. It is an advanced successor to the original LISST-Holo.

The LISST-Holo2 advances the technology that was built into the original LISST-Holo. It can capture holograms 100X faster which makes it the fastest. A 237 GB internal memory stores upto 118,000 holograms. The high speed hologram capture permits study of phenomena such as thin layers. Users often wonder how to make a quick assessment of these 10’s of thousands of holograms. Sequoia has pioneered a ranking algorithm. You can now see your holograms ranked by the richness of imagery in them.

Unlike other submersible holography systems, we have now incorporated a powerful rechargeable NiMH battery within the same original housing. This instrument is self-contained, ready to be programmed and used.

The LISST-Holo2 views the largest volume per image of competing systems. Processing speed per unit volume imaged is faster than the competing system.

Data processing software is included. Holo-Batch processes a selected group of holograms, whereas Holo-Detail permits detailed manual study of individual holograms. Processed holograms produce crisp in-focus images on a plane. Computed size distribution of particles is also output.

The large open path of the LISST-Holo2 allows particles to freely pass through the sample volume with minimal disruption.