FPSO Slip Rings

FPSO swivels have been designed, manufactured and delivered more than 50 large, complex FPSO swivel assemblies to offshore operators worldwide.

Our custom assemblies allow the continuous delivery of electrical power and signals, hydraulic fluids, and fiber optic signals, with unlimited freedom of the vessel to weathervane about its mooring point. Typically comprised of electrical slip rings, hydraulic utility swivels and fiber optic rotary joints, our swivel assemblies are used in a variety of FPSO systems and are certified for use in hazardous environments. The units within the swivel assemblies can be combined with other products - including electrical slip rings and fiber optic rotary joints – for custom solutions guaranteed to perform in any environment.

State-Of-The-Art Design
Our engineers have access to a complete parametric, feature-based modeling environment and CAD software for 3D electrostatic analysis. Complex designs can be quickly created with all the necessary digital information in one CAD model. Digital prototyping, comprehensive functional simulation, finite element analysis (FEA) and cross-enterprise collaboration are just some of the capabilities that lead to our efficient use
of design time and ultimately to higher quality products.

Proven Manufacturing Capability
We specialize in custom design, assembly and testing. Virtually all manufacturing tasks are subcontracted to a variety of quality approved vendors. With a full range of boring, turning, milling, drilling and welding equipment, including the latest models of CNC machine tools, our manufacturing partners are well equipped to efficiently handle FPSO swivel machining tasks. Our partner selections are evaluated on a number of quality and capability standards including capacity for large-bore swivel projects, with the ability to maintain tolerances of 0.002–0.003 inches (0.050–0.076 mm) on diameters up to 118.1 inches (3.0 m).