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dotOcean developed an intelligent sounding pole (NL: "intelligente peilstok"), with this manual mud or sediment profiler it is possible to analyze underwater soil layers in small waterways and rivers by manually pushing the instrument in the soil. This results in a full profile of the soft underwater layer from fluid mud to the hard bottom. The instrument can measure cone penetration resistance in fluid mud and consolidated mud.

The ICone is equipped with a Bluetooth connection for real time visualization of measured data on a ruggedized tablet (included). Connection with standard GPS devices is supported or optionally an embedded highly accurate GPS can be installed.

With the collected data it is possible to constitute an accurate planning for dredging and maintenance of small waterways.


  • Accurate resistance over depth profile
  • Strong and reliable system
  • Extendable with 1m pieces
  • High resolution due to fast sampling rate
  • GPS module included, optional precision GPS
  • Connection with other standard GPS instruments


  • High accurate soil profiling
  • Easy-to-use instrument
  • Immediate results
  • Online data acquisition
  • Easy export of data
  • Real time data visualization